The House and Owners

“Belvedere Folly” is in a very lovely historic suburb in walking distance of the city centre. The owners (Jimmy and Louis), who have owned several guesthouses over the years, live in the house.

The houses in Belvedere Avenue overlook the oldest reservoir in Cape Town, built around 1880, and benefit from uninterrupted views across the city to Table Bay.

The name ‘Folly’ harks back to the fanciful 1920s revamp of the front façade (originally Victorian), adding striking Romanesque arches and Art Deco elements. The house has attracted the interest of several theatrical characters in years past, no doubt the result of its eye-catching architectural presence in the street.

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Belvedere Folly Gazebo and Pool
Belvedere Folly Balcony
Belvedere Folly Courtyard
Belvedere Folly Courtyard
The view from our balcony